Hooping + pregnancy = ?

How long am I able to hoop while pregnant? And what comes after? Do I have to learn everything all over.... Yaiks!

perjantai 13. maaliskuuta 2015

First trimester (weeks 1-13)

Oh, wau... The first trimester.. don't miss it at all. It was 8th of December when I got the positive test result and right after the test I started feeling really ill and nauseous. Especially in the morning. In the evening I was just so tired that I couldn't do anything else, but lay on the sofa and eat - carbs - all the time. Well, I did the shows already booked, but other than that, I basically lived my days on our sofa.No training for me during that time. It was a relief that my Christmas holiday started early...

New Year's performance 

On January (and + 5 kg later) I finally started feeling little bit better during the days and hit back the training hall...

Training with Milla

If I ate really well (read carbs) I could perform as well.... Two shows were 9 am in the morning, which meant that I had to wake up around 4.30 am. Eating rye bread right after I got out of bed helped a lot.

Fooling around before the show

So, First trimester summary:

- Feeling really ill
- Tired
- almost no training

+ Still could do everything with hoop, even the inversions.

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