Hooping + pregnancy = ?

How long am I able to hoop while pregnant? And what comes after? Do I have to learn everything all over.... Yaiks!

perjantai 13. maaliskuuta 2015

About The Hoop Experiment and me

Is hooping your passion? Mine too!
Hooping fills my days in so many ways... It brings me joy, it keeps me fit, it keeps me motivated and it helps me to pay my bills. At the moment I work as a professional show performer in Finland and abroad as well; Fire shows, glow shows, hoops, poi, staff, singing, gigs, teaching in workshops and of course training fill my calender. Hmm.. At least filled my calender.

On November (2014) my husband and I got some great news.We are going to have a baby! Yai! The baby is more than wanted and welcome! We jumped for joy! Still slowly these questions started to pop up in my head: How to combine growing belly and hooping successfully together? Will I be able to still hoop, especially multi hoop and how long? And what happens after, do I have to learn on-body multi hooping all over again?
I tried to google answers to my questions, but I couldn't find that much of a info - especially about multi hooping, so I decided to make an experiment of my own - Hooping while pregnant and hooping post partum. You'r welcome to join my prego hooping journey =)!

Few throw -backs:

Fire hoop (Photo by: Mika Mettälä)

HoopioSis (photo by: Christian Unger)

HoopioSis (photo by: Christian Unger)

Just me.... last spring

Show before Christmas (Photo by: Ari Rask) 

Show production in Turkey.. chilling before the show

Sunrise hoopin (Photo by: Mika Mettälä)

Relaxing in Thailand

Hooping @ Bali

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