Hooping + pregnancy = ?

How long am I able to hoop while pregnant? And what comes after? Do I have to learn everything all over.... Yaiks!

lauantai 18. huhtikuuta 2015

Pregnant weeks 22- 23 - Training & pregnancy

Weeks just fly by. Especially weeks 22-23 when I had my hand full of rehearsals for Parsifal. I have to admit that my energy levels are not quite what they used to be. The rehearsal and show days were really long (around 12 h), but I made it alive. 

I made a short video clip from my Parsifal hoop performance. 

I love the feeling, when I move my body and feel that it is strong and capable.
Whether it is headstands or sprinting from sofa to kitchen. I had a vision before I got pregnant that I want to stay in shape as long as I can and I would take care of my muscle condition and overall health. I've been lucky, because I could make this vision into reality during my pregnancy time (minus feeling ill during first trimester).

Staying active helps me tremendously with my back pain, but above all it is the best "drug" for my pregnancy mood swings. After running,gym, hooping etc, I feel like myself again. Of course I have to make small changes to my sport routines all the time because the belly grows, but I don't try to make any personal time or weight records anymore and I try to listen to my body really carefully.

After pregnancy week 20 I made few alterations to the routines during gym and group exercise classes.  For example: The doctors suggest to leave all the abdominal crunches to others, because training abs(crunches) during pregnancy, may lead to a condition called diactasis recti, which means that after the birth the gap between your abs doesn't recover and the gap stays.

 So I left the crunches gladly to other and started doing bird dog exercise instead. It is really good move for your back and your deep muscles. Also all the high jumps I skipped from my routines.

Bird dog exercise

I have really enjoyed Les Mills Body Vive classes during this pregnancy. The class is 55 minutes. First 30 minutes cardio, then 30 minutes full body-strength and core exercises.  Before I got pregnant I used to go to this class. It made me sweat just enough and I got to move my muscles. Sometimes it was a nice change for the high intense classes. 

The other group exercise class I think is good during pregnancy, is Body Pump - one hour whole body workout with barbell weights. One can choose the intensity level by choosing the right weights for each muscle group.

My normal pregnancy sport routine is hooping + morning & evening yoga every day. Then walking 3- 5 km, home exercises, group exercises and gym few times in week. I try to do something every day to keep myself active and muscles in a good condition. It just makes me feel happy in my own skin.

Have a nice spring week!

Wishes the lady and the Bump

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